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New Jersey Dog Photographer | Welsh Springer Spaniel Duke

Duke is a beautiful 13 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel. Fun Duke Facts He is a master at opening boxes even if they don’t have his name on them Has a full time job barking at mailmen and taking naps Couch hopping and lounging outside are his specialties Will never ever say no to a

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Pitbull Josie

Josie is a 2.5 year old pitbull terrier mix. She answers to beautiful and pretty – if she hears it on the street she assumes they are talking to her. Fun Josie Facts Would be shocked to find out she is a dog and not a person Loves to give smooches and play with all people and all dogs Her

New Jersey Dog Photographer | Boxer Cyress

Cyress is a handsome 10 year old boxer who makes the best expressions and enjoys making a fashion statement. He likes to look nice for the ladies. Fun Cyress Facts Cannot resist roti and snickerdoodles. Has mastered the art of napping. Has a family who adores and spoils him.   Mary Anne

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Lhasa Apso Bobo

Bobo is a 6.5 year old Lhasa Apso. He is adored by his mom and sister and likes entertaining them with all of the tricks he has learned including play dead, take a bow, roll over, turn around, twirl, shake hands, kiss and crawl. Bobo Fun Facts His full name is BoBo, Prince of Edinburg, THDA, THD,

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Ziva Boxer and Penny Pomeranian/mini Australian shepherd mix

Peekaboo. Best friends Ziva and Penny have a few tricks up their sleeves. Wave, high five, cover, play dead, twirl, etc are just a few of the tricks they know. Ziva is 3 1/2 years old. She is a typical boxer: smart, energetic, loves to be with people, extremely goofy and full of wiggles. She is a

New Jersey Dog Photographer | Pebbles Terrier Mix

Pebbles is a terrier mix who came in for her puppy photoshoot when she was about 3 months old. It doesn’t get much better than spending the afternoon with an adorable sweet puppy. Fun Pebbles Facts Loves to cuddle and give kisses Enjoys being in front of the camera Very smart, curious and

NJ Pet Photographer | Terrier Charlie

Charlie is a 1 1/2 year old terrier mix who came to the US from Puerto Rico. He is a very shy little guy but loves his momma and aunt. The Petite Portrait Session was the perfect photoshoot for him. Fun Charlie Facts Learned to give kisses over a 1 year timeframe. Insists on riding shotgun. Likes

New Jersey Pet Photographer | German Shepherd Duncan

Duncan is a 5 year old German Shepherd who is adored by his parents. He is a sweet gentle soul. Fun Duncan Facts He is a collector of dragons, and loves them in any shape, size and color, as long as they squeak. His favorite place in the house is in the corner of the couch, just like his Mom. In

New Jersey Pet Photographer | VCA Animal Hospitals NJ

VCA Animal Hospitals – I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the staff and pets of the VCA animal hospital network in New Jersey over the last few months. If you are in need of a good vet, I highly recommend them. They take great care of my dogs. Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey

New Jersey Dog Photographer | English Bulldog Lucy

Lucy Meatballs is an English Bulldog who just turned 2. She responds to Lucy and Meatball.   Fun Lucy Facts She has a fierce wiggle butt which has ultimately earned her the nickname Meatbutts. She loves to have things on both sides of her and wedges herself wherever she sees an opportunity

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Lab mix Moe

Moe is a 5 year old lab mix. He is endearingly called Moe Moe and is a little bit spoiled…as every dog should be. Fun Moe Facts Loves people much more than other dogs. He can destroy brand new toys in under 10 minutes. He loves the ocean. Is spoiled by all those around him. Mary Anne

New Jersey Pet Photographer | English Golden Retriever Nellie

Nellie is an English Golden Retriever who came in for a Petite Portrait Session to document her 1 year old birthday. She wanted to look special so she wore flowers and pearls. Fun Nellie Facts She loves wide open spaces where she can run and play. Camp Bow Wow is a favorite. Stealing anything from

NJ Dog Photographer | Cane Corso Lilith

One word. Majestic. Lilith is a 1 1/2 year old Cane Corso just shy of 100 lbs. She has a beautiful “pi” symbol on her chest and she is a gentle soul. Fun Facts Lilith is from Legacy’s Cane Corso. She loves ear massages and being pampered. Her hobbies are swimming, fetch, playing

Blue Cream Point Persian Himalayan | Violet Reign

Violet Reign is a Blue-Cream Point Persian- Himalayan who was 6 months old at the time of her photoshoot. She came from the same breeder as her sisters. You can see their photoshoots here Paisley Pearl and Scarlet Diamond   Violet Reign Fun Facts She idolizes her older sisters, especially

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Whippet Lilly

Lilly is a 4 year old Whippet. She is incredibly sweet natured and has the ability to melt your heart with her beautiful expressions and lovable spirit. I can see why her parents adore her so much. And wow can she run fast. Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog

NJ Pet Photographer | Boxer Roxy and Pug Boss

Meet Boss the pug and Roxy the boxer, both 8 years old and living the good life with their family who adores them. Fun Boss Facts (the pug) Sleeping and eating are his top priorities. Only lays down on soft cuddly surfaces – never lays on just the hard cold floor. Has to be with his mom &

NJ Dog Photographer | Pugs

The Story of the 7 Pug Posse Why have only 5 pugs when you can have 7? Pudgmuffin & Butters joined their family’s 5 pug pack as temporary fosters but their parents decided they couldn’t let them go. So now they have a forever home and came in to have their portraits taken to be

NJ Dog Photographer | German Shepherd and Rottweiler Guthrie & MEL

Guthrie, the German Shepherd, and MEL, the Rottweiler, were instant friends the moment they met. They love horsing around together in their backyard. Fun Guthrie Facts His mom was a stray who had her puppies in a barn in Ramona, CA. His mom now lives with the woman who owns the barn, and two of his

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Pomeranians

Apollo, Boo, Coco and Espresso are Pomeranians who have been adopted by an amazing doggy mom. They are now leading the good life having left behind some difficult past situations. Coco Bear spent 9 years in a puppy mill and she can sometimes be fearful but has come such a long way. Boo has helped

NJ Dog Photographer | Sheepadoodle Opie

Opie is a “sheepadoodle” (Old English sheepdog poodle mix). He was only 11 weeks old at the time of his puppy photoshoot – I was so impressed that he was already learning his commands. He brought along his “Opie box” that his mom’s students made for him and

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Chow Golden Retriever Mix Willow

Willow is a 2 year old Chow Golden Retriever mix who was adopted by her mom while on a trip out West. She has such a sweet disposition and the loveliest smile. Her face lights up every time she looks at her mom because she knows how much she is loved. Fun Willow Facts Loves to sleep in the cat bed

Pet photographer new jersey | Homer Chocolate Labradoodle

Teddy bear or puppy dog? Both. Homer is a chocolate australian labradoodle who was about 3 months old at the time of his puppy photoshoot. He climbed in my lap to snuggle, gave out kisses and entertained us by playing with every toy in the studio. Puppies make everything better. Fun Homer Facts His

NJ Pet Photographer | Foods that are dangerous for your pets

Those puppy dog eyes will get you every time, but remember that feeding your pets certain human foods can be toxic for them. Thanks to Freehold Dodge and Freehold Subaru for creating the below infographic identifying foods that are dangerous for your pets. Be especially careful with puppies who

Dog Photographer New Jersey | Dachshund Gracie

Everyone loves Gracie. The whole family (mom, dad and grandparents) came out to participate in this dachshund’s photoshoot. She is part of a military family and has been a constant companion to her mom while her dad has been deployed. She gives and gets lots of love. Fun Gracie Facts Gracie

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Maltese Romeo

Romeo likes to PLAY. This little maltese tore around the studio playing with his mom and having the time of his life. It made my day. Fun Romeo Facts Enjoys pulling all of the pillows of the bed and tossing them onto the floor. Likes playing hide and seek. Lives up to his name. He’s a lover

New Jersey Cat Photographer | Ragdoll Kobe

Kobe is a 16 year old seal point Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll breed is best known for having a docile affectionate nature and is often referred to as a “dog-like” cat due to their tendency to follow their humans around and their ease at being physically handled. This is very true of Kobe.

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Poodle Romeo

Romeo the poodle is a handsome devil who is loved so much by his family. Fun Romeo Facts Lovable, sweet and energetic – he is a forever puppy Curious and playful Never says no to a belly rub He loves giving out kisses and being playful He’s very brave – despite his small stature

New Jersey Cat Photographer | Tortoise Shell Cats Alley & Abbey

Alley and Abbey are beautiful tortoise shell cats. These sisters are 14 and a half years old and have been with their human parents since they were six months old. They were adopted in and lived in Massachusetts for the first few years of their lives and then moved to New Jersey with Stacey and

NJ Pet Photographer | Basset Hound Besties Bella Becky Blake

Basset Hound Besties: Bella, Becky and Blake. You’ve gotta love the expressiveness of these faces. These three are big Nascar fans and Bella likes showing her support by sporting her Danica Patrick hat. Be sure to look for Bella’s black heart patch marking on the side of her body. She

New Jersey Cat Photographer | Cream Point Himalayan Scarlet Diamond

Scarlet Diamond (also known as little one) is a 6 month old cream point Himalayan cat. She came to her home from the same breeder as her sister Paisley Pearl. See photos from Paisley’s photoshoot here. Fun Scarlet Diamond Facts On her first day in her new home she was like a tiny little

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Liberty and Lucy

Liberty and Lucy are 2 adopted girls who are turning 9 this year. They were the first “babies” of the house and are adored by their humans. The whole family pitched in during the photoshoot and we were able to get the most beautiful doggy portraits. I will always smile when I look at

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Portuguese Water Dogs and Doodle

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Schulz Sophie (the black and white puppy) is a Portuguese water dog who gets to live right on the river along with her bigger sister Bella (the black Portuguese water dog). Their doodle cousin, Blue, joined them for the photoshoot. These

Pet Photographer NJ | Pikachu and Lulu Pekingese

Pikachu and Lulu are 2 rescue dogs who are living the good life. Pikachu is assumed to be a “Pekalier” (Pekingese / King Charles Cavalier Spaniel mix) and Lulu is also a Pekingese possibly mixed with pug. I was so impressed with how well they did for their doggy photoshoot. Fun Pikachu

New Jersey Cat Photographer | Marvin, Lyla and Sammy

Curious. Playful. Intriguing. Marvin, Lyla and Sammy have the most captivating personalities. Spending the morning with them and their mom was such a treat. Fun Facts Marvin was a true rescue. He was found in a garbage can 13 years ago when he was only 4 years old. It was clear at the time that he

Philadelphia Pet Photographer | Evee Pekingese and Sadie Brussels Griffon

Evee and Sadie (nicknamed Evil & Satan) are sassy south Philly girls. They are fun-loving, sweet and adored by their parents. Evee is a Pekingese and Sadie is a Brussels Griffon. I cannot get over their adorable dog portraits. These girls take the cake. Fun Facts Evee Marie Loves having her

Pet Photographer New Jersey | Lila the greyhound

Lila is retired and living the good life. She was adopted from Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. She is thoroughly spoiled and has her choice of 4 beds and multiple doggy coats to keep her comfortable. I love meeting owners who cherish their companion animals. You can see what a special relationship