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NJ Pet Photographer | Pug Posse

It’s not every day you get to hang out with a pug posse…especially the literary intellectual type. Meet Poe, POTUS, Montague, Capulet and Mia. Fun Poe Facts Loves to swim but most of all loves to float on a raft in the pool. Must be head dog on any walk or he wails at the top of his

NJ Pet Photographer | Doggies are a girl’s best friend

Doggies are a girl’s best friend. This little girl is lucky to be surrounded by the love of 3 amazing dogs, Otis and Roxy, both pitbull mixes and Zoey, a tiny little mixed breed. How sweet are they? Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography and pet

NJ Dog Photographer | Chihuahua Roxy

Roxy is the sweetest little 10 year old chihuahua. She was rescued at age 5 and has evolved from a scared timid dog to a loving companion with a big personality. She loves to dress up and brought along several outfits. My favorite is the fur coat…cuz it’s not like she doesn’t

NJ Dog Photographer | Archie the French Bulldog and Raisin the Black Pug

Spending the morning with Archie, the French Bulldog, and Raisin, the black pug, was too much fun. Raisin decided that she really liked being a model and posed like a pro. Archie’s goofiness and frog face grin had me smiling all day. Archie Fun Facts He’s a laid back guy Loves chasing

NJ Pet Photographer | Pixie and Izzie

Pixie and Izzie are 2 special girls who give and get a lot of love. Pixie is a 5 year old puggle (beagle/pug mix) and Izzie is a 3 year old dachshund/beagle mix who came to the US from Puerto Rico and was adopted from the Ewing Animal Shelter in New Jersey. They love their dad very much and have

New Jersey Pet Photographer | St. Bernard Faith

Faith is an 11 year old St. Bernard who is loved so much by her family and especially by Alyssa with whom she shares a special bond. They grew up together and Faith has been Alyssa’s constant companion and protector. This remarkable dog saved Alyssa from a house fire that had started while

NJ Pet Photography | Adopt It’s A Ruff Life Rescue | Aimee

Aimee is available for adoption from It’s A Ruff Life Rescue in New Jersey. This sweet girl has been waiting a long time for her forever home. Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography and pet photography. Contact the studio at

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Adopt Burlington County Animal Shelter

There are so many great dogs available for adoption at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in New Jersey. Go to the shelter, meet the dogs below and take one of them home. They’ve been waiting a long time. Update: Athena has been adopted. Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer

New Jersey Dog Photographer | Cane Corso Lola

Big and beautiful, Lola is a sweet 7 year old Cane Corso who is loved immensely by her family. I enjoyed every minute with this girl who is such a gentle soul. Fun Lola Facts Loves licking peanut butter from spoons Will play dead and roll over for pretzels Enjoys frolicking in the snow Sounds like

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Portuguese Water Dog Bella

Bella is a Portugese Water Dog who was 10 weeks old at the time of her puppy photoshoot. She was everything that you can expect from a puppy…sweet, adorable and playful. Fun Bella Facts Likes to hold her leash in her mouth when she goes for a walk; kind of keeping it all under control. She

NJ Dog Photographer | Schnoodle Holly

Holly is a beautiful Schnoodle (Schnauzer Poodle mix). Besides being super adorable (check out her pigtails), she is so sweet and happy. I will smile every time I look at her beautiful doggy portraits. Holly Fun Facts Unlike most dogs, Holly does not like chicken She requests multiple potty breaks

NJ Dog Photographer | English Bulldog Anna Banana

Meet Anna Banana. This 1 year old English bulldog really hammed it up for her doggy photoshoot. Her parents were the high bidders for the pet photoshoot auctioned off for the Sammy’s Hope fundraiser hosted by Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar. Fun Anna Banana Facts Enjoys taking

NJ Pet Photographer | Friday, Watson and Tristan

Meet Friday (a terrier mix), Watson (a basset hound) and Tristan the cat. These 3 characters were so much fun to photograph. I smile every time I look at their happy faces. I can see why their mom loves them so much. Friday Fun Facts He is a world traveler – has lived in 2 countries and 7

New Jersey Dog Photographer | Brussels Griffon Winnie

New Jersey dog photographer, Mary Anne Broderick, photographed Winnie, an adorable 7 lb Brussels Griffon who is full of personality and was the perfect doggy model.

New Jersey Dog Photographer | Phoebe the Maltipoo

Phoebe is a sweet little maltipoo who is getting ready to welcome a new baby sister. Congratulations to Nikolett and Mike! I loved meeting your 4-legged baby girl and wish you lots of happiness with your soon to arrive 2-legged baby girl. You have a beautiful family! Fun Phoebe Facts She is the

Dog Photographer NJ | Parker the Golden Retriever

Parker is such a sweet Golden Retriever. His face just beams with happiness when he is looking at his momma….and when string cheese is being handed out. I can’t stop smiling every time I look at his beautiful doggy portraits. Fun Parker Facts Will do anything for string cheese and

NJ Pet Photography | Wilson the St. Bernard

Wilson is one lucky St. Bernard. He just turned 1 year old and had a “Castaway” themed birthday party since he is named after the Wilson soccer ball from the movie. To say that he is loved by his parents is an understatement. And you can plainly see just how much he loves them right

New Jersey Cat Photographer | Belle

Belle is a beautiful tortoise shell cat who loves the outdoors. She has a favorite plant that she likes to nibble and a tree that she likes to climb. She chose several lovely spots for her portraits. Fun Belle Facts Goes outside to get the newspaper every morning with her grandfather Enjoys a walk

NJ Dog Photographer | Billie Miniature Schnauzer

Billie (aka Lady Day) is a lovely miniature schnauzer who has boundless enthusiasm and spunk. To say that she is friendly is an understatement. I love how elegant she looks with her stylishly groomed coat and the bling collar that her mom made. And she really knows how to rock the tutu look. Fun

NJ Dog Photographer | Mojo

Mojo is a pug / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. This little guy was shy at first, but after a few treats and toys, he warmed up to being a doggy model. His pet portraits were a surprise birthday gift for his momma who he absolutely adores. He had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her. I love

NJ Pet Photographer | Adopt 2nd Chance Rescue NYC

If you are looking for a new best friend, please consider adopting one of the below dogs from 2nd Chance Rescue NYC or Orange County Barkers. These dogs have been waiting for a long time and would love a home to call their own. Sweetie’s PetFinder Profile Mitch’s PetFinder

NJ Pet Photographer | Adopt Burlington County Animal Shelter

There are some great dogs available for adoption at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in New Jersey. Go to the shelter, meet the dogs below and take one of them home. They’ve been waiting a long time. Justin’s PetFinder Profile   Saber’s PetFinder

NJ Dog Photographer | Daisy and Jazmine

Daisy, a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix and Jazmine, a black lab/shepherd mix are aptly named after beautiful flowers. I loved spending the afternoon with these 2 sweet girls. They are the best of friends but do have an East Coast/West Coast rivalry going on. Check out their Phillies versus Giants

NJ Cat Photographer | Paisley Pearl

Introducing Paisley Pearl, a 5 month old white Himalayan masking color point cat. This little ray of sunshine is bringing so much happiness to her new home. Fun Paisley Pearl Facts She knows she’s a beautiful girl, yet she’s the biggest tomboy around Loves to play hide and seek and

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Becca, Tabitha, Sport & Baby

Becca, Tabitha, Sport and Baby are a crew of beloved family pets. They make for a full house and a happy home. Becca the beagle mix and Tabitha the corgi mix were adopted as best friends from a kill shelter in West Virginia. You can really see the bond these 2 girls have. Despite being 13 years

NJ Pet Photography | Peapod the Pomeranian

Meet Peapod the Pomeranian, a cupid in disguise. Photographed by New Jersey Pet Photographer Mary Anne Broderick.

NJ Pet Photography | Ruby Talulah

Her name is Ruby but she likes to wear pearls…and tutus…and tiaras. This tricolor Morkie (Maltese Yorkie mix) is a true Southern belle originally from Arkansas. She may be little, but she is big on personality, enthusiasm and love. I got ALOT of kisses during our photo session. Fun Ruby

NJ Pet Photography | Quincy and Buster

Happy Happy Joy Joy. NJ Pet Photographer Mary Anne Broderick created pet portraits of 2 Boston Terriers named Quincy & Buster who exude poor joy and happiness because they live in a family that loves them so much.

NJ Pet Photography | Lucy Goldendoodle Puppy

I love Lucy. And so does her new family. This sweet little Goldendoodle puppy was just about 14 weeks old at the time of her photoshoot. She has already acquired several nicknames: Lucy Lu, Lucy Sushi and LuLu Lemon. Fun Lucy Facts She is a social butterfly like her mama and loves meeting new

New Jersey Pet Photography | Adopt Peanut

UPDATE: PEANUT HAS BEEN ADOPTED! CONGRATULATIONS PEANUT! Little Miss Sunshine. Peanut is a sweet girl who is available for adoption through the Burlington County New Jersey Animal Shelter. This petite pitbull mix is 50lbs and 5 years old. She just needs some time to warm up to you and then out

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Stella Beans

Stella Beans. Artist’s muse. Pin Up Girl. Sweet as pie pit bull. Stella is the sidekick to Tara, the amazing artist behind PigDog. Be sure to check out Tara’s incredible illustrations and paintings. These lovely ladies are also featured in the 2015 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar. Pinups

New Jersey Pet Photography | Eddie and Brody

Ridiculously adorable goldendoodle, Eddie, and labradoodle, Brody, were photographed by New Jersey Pet Photographer Mary Anne Broderick. Their pet portraits are too cute.

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Quincy Duffy Ciara

Quincy, Duffy and Ciara are beautiful Wheaten Terriers loved by John and Diane. To say that they are full of personality is a bit of an understatement. They were more than willing to strike a pose, but did demand copious amounts of string cheese for their efforts. Quincy Fun Facts “The

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Tyce, Jax and Shoven

Two French Bull Dogs and a Pomeranian walk into a photo studio and Cuteness Overload Ensues. Tyce and Jax, the Frenchies, and Shoven the Pomeranian are loved by Cassie, Lauren and the rest of their family. In addition to owning these boys, they also foster a multitude of dogs and are very active

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Jack and Louie

Jack and Louie are the best of friends. Their mom Robin is active with the Shih Tzus & Furbabies Small Breed Dog Rescue and they live in a household with a total of 5 dogs. Jack can be very shy so we weren’t sure how he would handle the photoshoot, but he ended up being the perfect doggy

New Jersey Pet Photographer | Raina and Shelby

Raina and Shelby are true girly girls. They were the winners of North Star Vet’s Halloween contest, but they don’t only dress up for Halloween. They love to accessorize and came prepared for their photoshoot with a bag full of fun accessories. Raina who was born blind and deaf was