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Blue Cream Point Persian Himalayan | Violet Reign

Violet Reign is a Blue-Cream Point Persian- Himalayan who was 6 months old at the time of her photoshoot. She came from the same breeder as her sisters. You can see their photoshoots here Paisley Pearl and Scarlet Diamond


Violet Reign Fun Facts

  • She idolizes her older sisters, especially Scarlet, and is not intimidated in the least by their larger statures.
  • She’s prone to stealing Scarlet’s toys and loves to play chase with her.
  • She’s the most approachable of the trio as well as the most affectionate.
  • Her most favorite toy is a running wheel that her sisters never attempt to hop on.
  • She’s a food hog who never leaves a plate untouched.
  • She constantly purrs even when spoken to.
  • Her sisters are never free from her shadowing.

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