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New Jersey Cat Photographer | Cream Point Himalayan Scarlet Diamond

Scarlet Diamond (also known as little one) is a 6 month old cream point Himalayan cat. She came to her home from the same breeder as her sister Paisley Pearl. See photos from Paisley’s photoshoot here.

Fun Scarlet Diamond Facts

On her first day in her new home she was like a tiny little cotton ball. She was so timid and shy she wouldn’t even open her eyes.
She waddled when she walked and was pounced on unmercifully by her sister. That lasted about 2 days until she stood her ground and pounced right back.
The 2 sisters bonded and now always look out for one another. She emulates Paisley and simply adores her.
Scarlet is a little cuddle bug who sleeps beside Mommy and is quite talkative when she purrs and meows, both together.
Her favorite toy is her blue mouse who she insisted come along to the photo shoot.
She has now become the instigator in play sessions with her sister and chases her despite the fact that Paisley is twice her size.
The vet discovered that her skull is pointed like a diamond…this was after she was given the name of Scarlet Diamond. Her name was meant to be.

Dear Scarlet Diamond – you are a lucky girl to have a mom and aunt who love you so much not to mention your big sister Paisley. You are such a beautiful kitten and look amazing in your portraits. I can’t wait to see you and Paisley again.

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Leave some love notes below for Scarlet Diamond.

  • Diane Petraccoro - Thank you Mary Anne for capturing such fantastic photographs of little Scarlet Diamond. I am so fortunate to not only have you as my beloved felines’ photographer, but also my friend. If we decide on kitten #3 you’ll be the first to know, otherwise Paisley and Scarlet will share a photo shoot together next time!!ReplyCancel

    • Mary Anne Broderick - Diane – I am so blessed to have met you. I love how much you care for your kitties. Meeting people like you who are so good to their animals is one of the best parts of being a pet photographer. You are a special person and your kitties are so lucky to have you.ReplyCancel

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