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New Jersey Cat Photographer | Tortoise Shell Cats Alley & Abbey

Alley and Abbey are beautiful tortoise shell cats. These sisters are 14 and a half years old and have been with their human parents since they were six months old. They were adopted in and lived in Massachusetts for the first few years of their lives and then moved to New Jersey with Stacey and Jorge 10 years ago. Both cats love to snuggle in bed with their human parents. They know the words “let’s go to bed” and immediately go right upstairs to the bedroom.

Their parents were the high bidders for the silent auction at SAVE’s gala fundraiser event. SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals is an independent non-profit animal shelter dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of homeless companion animals in the greater Princeton, New Jersey area.

Alley Fun Facts

Alley loves to sit at the slider door in the kitchen and watch (and meow at) the squirrels, birds and leaves flying in the wind.
Alley is completely loyal to and loves her daddy Jorge the most. She follows him everywhere around the house and greets him when he comes home.
Her favorite human food is anything pork related – she goes crazy for it!
She’s outgoing, curious, social and friendly.

Abbey Fun Facts

She is nicknamed “silky” for her incredibly soft fur.
She loves to snuggle in her mom’s lap now – but would not snuggle with anyone for the first 10 years of her life due to her skittish nature.
Oddly enough, she loves salty foods like French fries and potato chips and will try to steal them off people’s plates.
Abbey is shy, but can be very affectionate once she gets to know you.

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Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography, cat photography and pet photography. Contact the studio at to book your portrait session.

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Leave some love notes below for Alley and Abbey.

  • Jorge - Mary Anne thank you so much for capturing Alley and Abbey so perfectly (or should I spell that purrfectly). I really appreciated your patience capturing these images and will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a pet photographer. It was nice meeting you.

    All the best always,


    • Mary Anne Broderick - It was my pleasure to meet you, Stacey and your purrfect kitties! I am so glad that you will always have these beautiful portraits of your special girls. Thank you for being such amazing pet parents…Alley and Abbey are lucky to be so well loved. All the best, Mary AnneReplyCancel

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