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New Jersey Pet Photographer | A Tiger in My Studio

A Tiger was in my studio last weekend. Tiger the cat. He was super fluffy from a bath earlier that morning and decided he liked being wrapped up in towels….and nestling inside baskets and boxes….and being cuddled by his mom.

Fun Tiger Facts

Slurps noodles with his owners Lady & Tramp Style
Likes to chase peas…one of his favorite treats
Loves playing inside bags and boxes


tiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-5Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-6Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-3Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-2Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-4Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-9Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-15Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-14Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-8Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-13Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-10Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-7Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-12Pin It

tiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-11Pin Ittiger_cat_maryanne_broderick-1Pin It


Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography and pet photography. Contact the studio at to book your portrait session.

  • Michelle - What a beautiful cat. This images are wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • Kristina Zambrano - I so loved this kitty session, such a cute little thing, I bet you had fun with himReplyCancel

  • Colleen - GET OUT OF HERE! These are AMAZING!!!! Wow, love all the details!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Beth - These photos are just stunning. Beautiful colors, action, and life!ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Such beautiful and creative cat portraits! Love them!ReplyCancel

  • Michael and Carina - That is one magnificent kitteh.ReplyCancel

  • amanda myers - These are just precious!!! I love all the silly poses you were able to capture. How long did it take you? I’ve had cats before, and I imagine it took some patience. This is awesome pet photography – you have a talent for it.ReplyCancel

    • Mary Anne Broderick - Thanks Amanda! The cat photo session definitely took some patience 🙂 Tiger was a little scared of the strobes at first so he would frequently go into hiding. We had to give him lots of mini-breaks during the shoot. When he was feeling comfortable, I was just amazed at how much personality he exhibited. He was quite a special cat.ReplyCancel

  • John - Adorable cat photos!ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Berg - gorgeous and amazing. one of the best cat sessions I have seen!! love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - Omg. These are amazing cat photos. Love Tigers markings.ReplyCancel

  • Kaley - These are beautiful photographs! This makes me want to have my kitty professionally photographed <3ReplyCancel

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