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NJ Cat Photographer | Paisley Pearl

Introducing Paisley Pearl, a 5 month old white Himalayan masking color point cat. This little ray of sunshine is bringing so much happiness to her new home.

Fun Paisley Pearl Facts
She knows she’s a beautiful girl, yet she’s the biggest tomboy around
Loves to play hide and seek and peek-a-boo
She has to know where her owners are at all times
Extremely playful and rambunctious
She’s a purring machine
She has brought light into a home that has been dark for a long time
Has the appetite of a full grown Himalayan
Tries to block her owners from leaving the house
Her most prized possession is her catball shark that her mom bought during shark week
She’s a non-stop talker – always meows
She understands English

Dear Paisley Pearl – I am so happy to have met you, your mom and Aunt. You are some of the sweetest ladies ever. You look stunningly beautiful in all of your portraits. I am so happy to know that you will be living in a home where you will be loved, spoiled and cherished. Have a happy happy life.

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Please leave some love notes below for Paisley Pearl.

  • Diane Petraccoro - I can never truly express how appreciative I am to Mary Anne for capturing such fantastic pictures of my beloved Paisley Pearl. She is 100% there for you every step of the way, has the patience of a saint (getting that hammock shot was no easy feat) and she will provide you with photographs to cherish for the rest of your life. I only wish we had met earlier because I was the previous owner of a 19 year old Himalayan that passed away last year and I know Mary Anne would have taken fantastic shots of her. We have another kitten coming later this summer, Mary Anne you will be the first to know because we’ll be booking another shoot with you! Thank you SO very much, what a very talented lady you are.ReplyCancel

    • Mary Anne Broderick - Diane, it means the world to me that you love the photos of Paisley Pearl. I know you will have many happy years with her like you did with Camille. I cannot wait to see a photo of Paisley’s canvas hanging in your home. She will be stunning on the wall 🙂ReplyCancel

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