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NJ Dog Photographer | Daisy and Jazmine

Daisy, a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix and Jazmine, a black lab/shepherd mix are aptly named after beautiful flowers. I loved spending the afternoon with these 2 sweet girls. They are the best of friends but do have an East Coast/West Coast rivalry going on. Check out their Phillies versus Giants bandanas.

Fun Daisy Facts
The quintissential little sister…she always wants to be near Jazzy doing what she’s doing
She’s a socialite at the dog park
She loves being naked (no collar)

Fun Jazmine Facts
She is a great big sister to Daisy. She lets her steal her toys and snacks without ever being snappy about it.
She is a master napper and never misses an opportunity for a good cuddle.
She is a people dog and loves hanging out with the adults at the park. She’s too mature for the crazy pups.

Dear Daisy and Jazmine – thank you for allowing me to create your portraits. You look oh so lovely on this aquamarine background. You both are sweet gentle souls and I loved meeting you. I am so glad that you live in a home where you are loved so much. Have a happy happy life.

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