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NJ Pet Photographer | Adopt 2nd Chance Rescue NYC

If you are looking for a new best friend, please consider adopting one of the below dogs from 2nd Chance Rescue NYC or Orange County Barkers. These dogs have been waiting for a long time and would love a home to call their own.

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Sweetie’s PetFinder Profile

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Mitch’s PetFinder Profile

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Maxie’s PetFinder Profile

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Enzo’s PetFinder Profile

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Tiger’s PetFinder Profile

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Lucy’s PetFinder Profile

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UPDATE: EMMA HAS BEEN ADOPTED. Congratulations Emma!

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Prince’s PetFinder Profile

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Sandy’s Pet Finder Profile

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Little Momma’s PetFinder Profile

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Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography and pet photography. Contact the studio at to book your portrait session.

View the personal pages of other pets photographed by Mary Anne Broderick here.

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