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NJ Pet Photographer | Pug Posse

It’s not every day you get to hang out with a pug posse…especially the literary intellectual type. Meet Poe, POTUS, Montague, Capulet and Mia.

Fun Poe Facts

Loves to swim but most of all loves to float on a raft in the pool.
Must be head dog on any walk or he wails at the top of his lungs.
Thinks he is a German Shepherd because he was raised with his big brother and still patrols the yard and house.

Fun POTUS facts

He would make a great President of the US…but gets by as Pug of the United States.
All toys in the house belong to him.
Does an inventory each night and pulls all toys out of toy box.
Must sleep on daddy.

Fun Montague Facts

The thug of the house.
He is deaf but the most responsive of the 5 dogs.
He falls asleep sitting up every night.
His nickname is skitter.

Fun Capulet Facts

His owners call him alien.
Has a cleft palate.
When he barks it sounds like he is requesting ABBA on the radio.
Sleeps on heads of humans.

Fun Mia Facts

Loudest snore in the township.
A diva in her own right as only girl of 5.
Does not like wet grass, dry grass, hot grass, cold grass, green grass, long grass and brown grass.

Dear Poe, POTUS, Montague, Capulet and Mia – my life is better having met you. Thank you for making me laugh. You are lucky to be so well loved and spoiled.

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