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Happy Happy Joy Joy. You cannot look at Quincy’s and Buster’s faces without smiling. These two Boston Terriers exude pure joy and happiness and do a great job of spreading around their love and enthusiasm to everyone around them….especially to their family. Quincy is particularly intuitive and emotionally connected. She always knows how each of the family members are feeling and will climb up on the couch and wrap her paws around their neck to give out hugs to whomever needs one. When her mom was pregnant with twins, she never left her side during 7 weeks of bedrest. Devotion is a wonderful thing. Buster also loves to give out plenty of affection and will cuddle any time of the day.

Quincy and Buster love getting their good behavior rewarded with boney-bones. Whenever their mom starts singing boney-bone to the tune of “Yellow Submarine” Quincy and Buster come running.

Fun Quincy Facts
Can be a little neurotic. Loves excitement.
Always the life of the party
Very sensitive and highly intelligent

Fun Buster Facts
Loves to sleep. Has a PhD in napping.
He can talk and has his own special Buster voice.
Does the perfect downward dog pose.

Dear Quincy and Buster – I loved meeting you and your mom so we could create your surprise Father’s Day Portraits. I am so happy to know that you live in a home where you are cherished and loved. You are lucky to have such a wonderful family and they are lucky to have you. Happy Happy life!


Mary Anne Broderick is a New Jersey pet photographer specializing in dog photography and pet photography. Contact the studio at info@maryannebroderickphoto.com to book your portrait session.

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