NJ Dog Photographer | German Shepherd and Rottweiler Guthrie & MEL

Guthrie, the German Shepherd, and MEL, the Rottweiler, were instant friends the moment they met. They love horsing around together in their backyard.

Fun Guthrie Facts

His mom was a stray who had her puppies in a barn in Ramona, CA. His mom now lives with the woman who owns the barn, and two of his brothers live on either side of her.
Although he weighs 90 pounds, one of his nicknames is “Tiny G” (another is “Legs”).
He is very picky about his friends.
He is part Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog).
He will only sleep on the bed during the day, choosing to sleep in his dog bed at night.

Fun MEL Facts

His name is spelled with all caps.
After being abandoned, he was kept at the vet for 4 months. His family was caring for another sick dog at the time so the vet kept MEL until they were able to take him.
His favorite toy is “pumpkin”, a stuffed toy that he won at a daycare halloween party 5 years ago.
While he tolerates the cats, he quietly moves out of the way when they come close to him.
One of his nicknames is “Spot-bot-a-potamus.”

Both boys will howl at the front door when mom goes outside without them.


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